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Mini PC Aopen hautes performances

  • Intel® Calpella QM57(MP57) /HM55(MP55) platform, supports Intel Arrandale Core i3/ i5/ i7
  • Intel® Core™ Processors with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD deliver enthusiast class media capabilities
  • High speed dual channels DDRIII memory up to 1066MHz and max 8G
  • Supports dual screen mode to extend your viewing area or display multiple windows for speeding up works
  • Adapt EPA5.0 ready to reduce energy costs by using an average of 50% less power
    than traditional PCs (MP57 only)
  • Excellent performance with full 1080P high definition video playback ability
  • High transmitting speed e-SATA port for external storage
  • Quiet small system zidle model 22db only


Model MP57-DU
Dimension: 6.65(W)x1.97(H)x6.65(D)inch
Volume: 1.4L
Weight (Kg/Pound): 1.7KG/3.75 pound(N.W.)
Color: Black/Gray
Supported CPU: Socket : Intel Mobile CPU Socket G1
Type : Intel Mobile Core i3/i5/i7 (≦ 35W)
vPro Support: Yes
TPM: Infineon SLB 9635 TT 1.2 TPM
Chipset: Intel QM57 Chipset
Supported Memory: Dual Channel Mode : Dual Channel
Memory Type : SO-DIMM DDRIII x 2
Max memory size : 8GB
Graphics: DVI-i Port x 1
HDMI Port x 1
Expansion Slot: Full Size mini Card x 1
Half Size Mini Card x 1
Audio: Type : Realtek ALC662 HD Audio CODEC on-Board
Channel : 5.1 Channel
LAN: Intel 82577LM 10/100/1000 Mbps LAN Controller
USB: Chip : Integrated in chipset
USB 2.0 : USB 2.0 port x 6 (Rear x 4 / Front x 2)
Thermal Solution: AOpen Silentek 5.0
Form Factor: Mini-ATX
Storage Bay: S-ATA Slot-in Slim Optical Drive Bay x 1
2.5" SATA HDD Bay x 1
Front Panel I/O: Power touch Button x 1
USB 2.0 port x 2
Rear Panel I/O: HDMI Port x 1
DC 20V Jack x 1
DVI-i Port x 1
USB 2.0 Port x 4
eSATA Port x 1
RJ-45 LAN Jack x 1
Line-In (Surround-Out L/R)* with S/PDIF_Out x 1
Line_Out (Front-Out L/R)* x 1
Mic-In(Central/Subwoofer out) * x 1
Security Hole x 1
Power Supply: 90W (20V, 4.5A) AC Power Adapter
Input Voltage: AC 100~240V
Environment: Operating Temperature : 10 ~ 35°C(50 ~ 95°F)
Storag Temperature : -10 ~ 48°C (14 ~ 118.4°F)
Operating Humidity : 5 ~ 90%RH
Slim Type Optical Drive: N/A
Accessory: 20V 90W Power Adapter x 1
Power Cord x 1
DVI to VGA Adapter x 1
S/PDIF Converter x 1
Riser card x 1
Driver CD x 1
Easy Installation Guide x 1
Supported OS: Windows 7, Vista Ultimate / Home Premium / Home Basic

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 19 April, 2011.
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