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Neo 1R10C-700A



Enclosure specification

Dimension 50 H x 275 L x 172 P mm
Matiere Aluminum
Couleur Noir
Weight 2 Kgs ( Avec carte mere )
Espace de stockage 1 x 2.5" HDD

Motherboard Specification

Processor :VIA V4 bus processor C7 1Ghz  Fanless (FSB400MHz) nano BGA2 400pin L1 128KB ,L2 128KB on die
All basic x86 instructions , registers ,and functions
All floating-point(numeric processor) instructions , registers and functions
All basic operating modes : real mode, protect mode ,virtual-8086 mode
System Management Interrupt(SMI) and the associated System Management Mode (SMM)
All tasking functions (TSS , task switch ,etc.)
Processor initialization behavior
Page Global Enable feature
MMX instructions
SSE , SSE2 , and SSE3 instructions
PAT (Page Attribute Table)
VME (Virtual Mode Enhancements)
ACE Advanced Cryptography Engine
RNG Random Number Generator
SHA-1 and SHA-256 Secure Hash Algorithm
Montgomery Multiplier
NX No Execute provides data execution protection support use in Microsoft Windows XP SP2.
System Chipset list:CPU : VIA V4 bus processor C7 1Ghz  (FSB400MHz)nano BGA2 400pin L1 128KB ,L2 128KB on die
MB chipset : VIA CN700 and VIA VT8237R Plus
VGA chipset : VIA CN700 Integrated Graphics chipset
Sound Chipset : AC97 Rev:2.1  Two channel SOUND
LAN : Realtek RTL8100C
I/O : VT 1211 IO
Memory :Supports DDR2 533 / 400 memory
Supports mixed 64/128/256/1024Mbite SDRAM in x 8 or x 16 width devices
Supports CL2/3/4/5 for DDR2 533 / 400
Supports One unbuffered double-sided DIMMs up to 1GB
Graphic / Video :Optimized Unified Memory Architecture (UMA)
Supports 16/32/64MB Frame Buffers size
Graphics engine clocks up to 200MHz decoupled from memory clock
Integrated Graphics with 2D/3D Acceleration feature
RGB555,RGB565,RGB888 and YUV422 Video playback formats
MPEG-2 hardware VLD(Various Length Decode)
Idct and motion compensation
For full speed DVD and MPEG-2 playback at full D1 resolution
High quality DVD and streaming video playback
DVD playback auto-flipping
DVD sub-picture playback overlay
PCI Bus Master IDE Dual channel master mode hard disk controller supporting four Enhanced IDE devices
Transfer rate up to 133MB/sec to cover  PIO mode to 4 ,multi-word DMA mode 2 drivers, and Ultra DMA-133 interface
Increased reliability using Ultra DMA-133 / 100 /66 transfer protocols
Support ATAPI compliant devices including DVD device
Support PCI native and ATA compatibility modes
One 40pin 2.54mm and One 44pin 2.0mm two type connectors.
Support One Compact Flash card type II for ATA interface.
Serial ATA : One Channel connectors.
S-ATA drive transfer rate is capable of up to 150MB/s
Audio :AC-Link for Audio CODEC
Supports AC'97 2.1
Support for up two channels of PCM audio out
CD-in / Mic-in / Line-in  support
USB :Includes three UHCI host controllers that supports all ports
Includes one EHCI high-speed USB 2.0 Host Controller that supports all ports
Three ports external and Four or Three internal ports
Supports Legacy keyboard / mouse software.
IO function :LPC (Low Pin Count) Interface
Supports Hardware Monitor Controller
Two 16C550 UARTs  RS232 port supports . Support One printer port . Support Infrared SIR and FIR
LAN  1 x 10/100Mb Realtek RTL8100C
Front Connector HeaderOne power switch for power on
One power LED
One Line-out Phone jack
One MIC-in Phone jack
One USB Type A port
Back Panel ConnectorsOne DC 12V in power mini din jack
One down side PS2 Keyboard
One up side PS2 Mouse port
Three layer connector for Two ports USB and one LAN RJ45
One down side DB-9PIN COM port
One up side Printer port
One down side DB-15pin VGA port
One DB-9PIN COM port
One LAN RJ45 port
One LAN RJ45 port
Expend Interface One Mini PCI socket for only PCI rev:2.2 interface.
Others functionOne Compact Flash Reader for IDE BUS ATA type II spec
DC 12V in On board power DC +12V +-5% convert into system +3.3v/+12v/+5v
Dimension 200mm x 150 mm

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 16 May, 2008.
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