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Qbox 1010


Mini pc 12v fanless performant avec Intel Atom N270 et basse consommation (20watts)

  • Processeur Intel ATOM N270 Fanless
  • Basse consommation
  • Alimentable de 9 à 24vdc
  • 2 x RS232
  • 1 x e-SATA
  • Support VESA ou sur Rail Din en option





CPUIntel Atom N170 1.6Ghz
System ChipsetIntel 945GSE + ICH-M7
Mémoire1Go DDRII 533Mhz Sodimm (Max 2Gb)
Stockage160Go HDD SATA
I/O Panel
Front1x Phone Jack for Line-Out

1x Phone Jack for MIC-In

1x Push button for power on/off

1x Push button for reset



2x USB2.0

1x eSATA connector


Back1x DC JACK for DC12V input

1x DVI-I connector for CRT & DVI output

2x USB2.0

1x RJ-45, GbE port

2x DB9 male connectors for COMs

(2x RS-232/422/485, 5V/12V voltage selected by BIOS setting)

1x DB9 female connector for digital I/Os

(4-bits input & 4-bits output, 5V/12V voltage selected by BIOS setting)

Mechanical & Environment
Power RequirementDC12 V input,  20 watts min
Power Supply100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, +12V @ 2.5A - 30watts
Operating Temperature0 ~ 35 ℃
Operating Humidity0% - 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
Size (W x H x D)130x40x110mm
Certification CE, FCC

Specifications (Pdf)
This product was added to our catalog on Monday 01 February, 2010.
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