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PC Fanless pour vehicules avec alimentation intelligente (gestion de la clef de contact) à base de processeur Intel Atom

  • Support Intel Atom D525
  • Internal GPS/3.5G/WiFi/Bluetooth module option
  • CAN Bus support CAN 2.0A/2.0B protocol
  • 12V/24V power input for standard car battery
  • Smart power management with low power protection, ignition control,on/off delay,and software to control delay timing.


CPUIntel Atom D525
ChipsetIntel ICH8M
MemoryOne DDR3 SO-DIMM socket,support up to 4G 1G pre-install
Graphic ControllerIntegrated within Atom D425/D525
Video MemoryN/A
Video Interface 1 x VGA port (DB15)
SATA2 x SATA II port
CF1 x External Compact Flash Type I/II socket
Disk Bay1 x 2.5” Disk bay with Anti-vibration/Anti-shock
solution for SSD only
Expansion Slot2 x mini-PCIe(Reserve for WiFi and 3.5G)
Ethernet1 x GbE RJ45,Realtek 8111D
Serial Port2 x RS-232/422/485 , 2 x RS-232 , 1 x RS-232 pin header
USB4 X USB 2.0 , 2 x USB 2.0 pin header
GPIO8-bit GPIO (4 In, 4 Out)
Audio1 x MIC in , 1 x Audio out , 1 x Remote switch
Antenna Hole1 x SMA for GPS, 1 x SMA for 3.5G, 2 x SMA for WiFi,
1 x SMA for Bluetooth
SIMSIM Slot x 1, SIM card changeable without opening case, latch to protect SIM uncertainly touch
CAN BUS2 pin JST connector , support CAN 2.0A/2.0B protocol
Power InputPower onboard design (AR-B6002)
 Fuse Design
 Smart ATX power function:
a. Power on/off retry
b. Adjustable delay time for system OFF by Switch on power module (Mode2~Mode7) (Default is mode 2)
c. System on/off by Vehicle ignition or Remote switch button
d. Low Power input monitoring, Auto shutdown
 S/W configurable
 Remote switch(audio jack)
 System status LED(blue)
Power ConsumptionMax Load 47W
GPS(option)GPS Module (Internal USB)
3.5G(option)3.5G Module (Mini PCIe 1)
WiFi(option)Wifi (Mini PCIe 2)
Bluetooth(option)Bluetooth module (Internal USB)
WatchDog TimerSoftware programmable 0~255 sec.
OS Support Windows XP/XP embedded/Windows 7/ Linux fedora 12
Dimension( W x D x H)(L) 280 x (W) 181.5 x (H) 76.8 (mm) , 2.7KG
Operating Temp.-20~50°C (-4~122°F)
VibrationIEC 60068-2-64 5~500Hz,
 2GRMS for CF, 3GRMS for SSD
ShockIEC 60068-2-27 50G-500m/s -11ms
Storage Temp.-40~80°C (-40~176°F)
SafetyCE/FCC class B / E-Mark

Specifications (Pdf)
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