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Mini pc sans ventilateurs, et tres basse consommation

Intel Atom D525 CPU (1.8GHz, 1M L2 Cache Inside) and System Chipset (D525+ICH8M)
1 204-Pin SoDIMM socket with 2GB DDR3 RAM (2GB max.)
2 PCIe Giga LAN
6 USB V2.0 Ports
Support High Definition Audio
One CompactFlash Card Type I/II socket
One 2.5" SATA HDD Space
Three RS232 and One RS232/422/485 Port
Support Expansion I/F with Mini-Card Slot


Function ItemsFX5507
¡¡ProcessorAtom D525 1.8GHz
¡¡DRAM Socket 204-Pin SoDIMM *1 (DDR2, 2GB Max)
I/O Connector¡¡
¡¡SerialRS232 *3¡¢RS232/422/485 *1
¡¡USB6 (2.0)
¡¡LAN2 (Giga LAN)
¡¡Dual Display-
¡¡BUS I/FPCIe Mini-Card *1
Storage Bay¡¡
¡¡CF SlotYes
¡¡HDD Space2.5" *1 (SATA)
Power Required¡¡
¡¡Input VoltageDC 12~24V
¡¡Rated Current43VA Max
Operation SystemWindows XP / XPe / 7, and Linux
Operation TemperatureTemperature 0°C to 50°C (32¨H to 122¨H)
CompliancesCE / FCC / RoHS
Dimension (W x D x H)203 x 148 x 55 mm

Specifications (Pdf)
This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 12 January, 2012.
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